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This is the book that began my long-time fascination with and respect for wolves. Secret Go the Wolves was relatively new when I discovered it in the school library and I devoured it. It dispelled the common misconceptions about wolves and replaced that with an awe for just what intelligent and majestic creatures they actually are.

I don't remember what caused me to think about this book recently, but when I did and located it on Amazon, I purchased it so I can relive the excitement of those days long ago and share the wonder with my family as well.

About this book

They were pathetic bundles of fur when R.D. Lawrence pulled them from the gory sack stowed in a Cree Indian’s canoe. Wrapped in their dead mother’s hide, the two wolf pups were soaked in water and blood, barely ten inches long, and quite blind. Striking a bargain on the spot, Lawrence paid the Indian twenty-five dollars and a canoe paddle for the male and female cubs, whom he dubbed Matta and Wa (after Ontario’s Mattawa River, from which they had been rescued). Thus began an amazing adventure for Lawrence, his wife Joan, and the malamute dog Tundra in raising and caring for animals that Lawrence vowed would someday return to their wilderness habitat.

Keeping the wolves a secret from neighbours in an area where wolves are trapped and hunted and establishing a position as “alpha male” (or leader) of the “pack,” were just some of the problems Lawrence faced. An experienced naturalist, Lawrence observed much about wolf behaviour never before documented and in the heart-warming account shares with us his love and fascination for these remarkable creatures.

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