Health and Wellness - Genesis Health Products

Genesis Health Products started in the late 1990s as a small family business in Australia and has since expanded to the United States in order to provide their niche health products throughout the world.

Genesis is proactive in building awareness of little-recognized health threats and developing products to address them. Education and empowerment of consumers and professionals is foundational to Genesis as they are committed to natural health solutions for natural people with a focus on keeping them healthy.

Product Lines


  • Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs that have been handed down to us from cultures across the world to support a healthy digestive system.
  • Vitaklenz for kidz is a similar product for children.
  • Vitaklenz Recharge is probiotic and prebiotic with 14 beneficial probiotic strains to help replace beneficial bacteria and is a naturally fermented grain-based superfood.
  • 30 Day Wellness Program is complete nutritional enhancement including probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, enzymes, electrolytes, and protective herbs.

Sea Minerals

  • Sea Minerals Plain is the base of ionic minerals (electrolytes) that are the building blocks of nature harvested from the world's purest source of ocean water.
  • Sea Minerals Supa Boost adds a powerful blend of herbs to the Sea Minerals electrolytes.
  • Sea Minerals + Hawthorn adds the goodness of Hawthorn to the Sea Minerals electrolytes.
  • Sea Minerals + Stinging Nettle adds stinging nettle to the Sea Minerals electrolytes.
  • Sea Minerals Nourishing Cream provides the goodness of Sea Minerals Supa Boost in a jojoba and coconut cream.

Jungle Balm

  • Jungle Balm is relief from the Indonesian rainforest--an essential oil distilled from the leaves and bark of the Cullilawan tree.
  • Jungle Balm Massage Cream combines the nourishment of Sea Minerals with the protective herbs and all the power of Jungle Balm.